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My Story


I am a true believer in natural beauty, and that each of us has the power at our fingertips to achieve our best selves when it comes to health, wellbeing, and – yes – beauty. It is my passion to help others discover their potential when it comes to natural beauty and personal uniqueness, and to develop a simple path of self-care that fits into even the busiest of lives..

I have been closely involved in all stages of the creation of my beauty tools and products available to you, and that they are made according to the highest quality within the industry. I use my own products as part of my daily and weekly beauty routines, so any advice that I offer with my products and services has been personally tried and tested on an ongoing, long-term basis. It is of utmost importance to me that my products are effective and long-lasting for you, so that you can use them with confidence as you develop your natural, beautiful you!



"Mon ami" in French means "my friend". It is a simple phrase, but one that is very dear to me in the concept of my MonnAmie products. Putting aside the cosmetologist and face yoga teacher in me, I am extremely passionate about helping others to help themselves.

Yes, it is true that I teach, guide, and support in the practice of natural beauty development, but at the end of it all, I feel like a friend, committed to helping you achieve your best. With my products, I want you to feel I am there with you. And, alongside all of this, it makes me smile that I am able to integrate my own name, Monna, into this idea:)