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"Purchase my signature MonnAmie Trio Set and receive a FREE Beauty Face Tape." - Monna
Take your beauty routine to another level with my MonnAmie Trio Set that will leave your skin feeling refreshed and alive. End any type of your treatments - whether you are performing a facial massage/face yoga, applying masks or products, or after a gua sha or face roller beauty routine - with an icy blast from my MonnAmie Ice Globes to amplify the sensations and effects. When I use my ice globes, it leaves my skin tingling with a warming sensation. This is such a great, almost indescribable, feeling for me which boosts my mood and leaves me feeling brighter and glowing both inside and out.

With all three of my products, you can maintain a natural beauty routine that is dynamic and will evolve with you through all of life's stages. Visit my tutorials at @faceyoga_monna to learn how to make the most of your MonnAmie Trio Set as you develop your journey to ultimate natural beauty.

PRODUCT CARE: To clean your gua sha and facial roller, simply run them under warm water with mild soap. Ice globes can be cleaned with wipes, soap, or any other products.

PLEASE NOTE: Each Agate stone is unique and can look slightly different than on the main picture.

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