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Gua & Roller Duo Set Bundle
Gua & Roller Duo Set Bundle
Gua & Roller Duo Set Bundle
Gua & Roller Duo Set Bundle
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My MonnAmie Duo Set is the perfect recipe to work your natural beauty from head to toe! The shape and contours of the MonnAmie Gua Sha along with the delicate design and light action of the MonnAmie Facial Roller will allow you to treat your face and body and tailor your beauty needs to the areas that need the most care and attention. Together, they are the essential tools in my own natural beauty routine.  

As you develop your path to ultimate natural beauty through face yoga, face massage, and the gua sha technique, the MonnAmie Duo Set will be your perfect companion to achieve your goals.

For tutorials on how to make the most of your gua sha and face roller, follow me on @faceyoga_monna.

PRODUCT CARE: To clean your gua sha and facial roller, simply run them under warm water with mild soap.

PLEASE NOTE: Each Agate stone is unique and can look slightly different than on the main picture.

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Gua & Roller Duo Set Bundle

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